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Group Menu 3

Menu Item Types: Group Menus
€ 35 per person

Minimum 9ppl – €35 per person

Ración de pan
Portion of freshly toasted bread

Aceitunas Mixtas GF V
Marinated Mixed Spanish olives with pips.

Gambas Pil Pil GF
King prawns, sizzling in a chilli-&-garlic-infused oil.

Pollo Marbella GF
Chicken, cooked with paprika, chorizo,
sweet peppers, onion, white wine & cream sauce.
El cordero Moruno
Grilled lamb kebabs, served with flour tortilla,
and minted cucumber yogurt sauce.

Cazuelita de paella del día
Tapa of our paella of the day

Champinones al Ajillo
Mushrooms lightly sauteed in garlic oil.

Patatas Bravas V
Fried potato, with aioli and spicy tomato sauce.

Tortilla Española GF
Spanish-style omelette, with potato and onion.

Albóndigas a la Jardinera
Our Spanish-style beef meatballs, served in a tomato sauce.

Ensalada Mixta GF V
Fresh mixed salad leaves, with tomato, onions,
mixed peppers and cucumbers.

Churros con chocolate